The European Uro-Oncology Group (EUOG)

The EUOG is a non-profit organization for academic cancer research with a mission to advance the quality of diagnosis and treatment of patients with genito-urinary malignancies. The EUOG strives to answer questions relevant to the clinic that may change clinical management and standard of care. The EUOG is committed to clinical excellence, the promotion of research and the dissemination of information on uro-oncological topics for the benefit of the community.
The EUOG is a multidisciplinary European group consisting of dedicated physicians from academic and non-academic centers committed to contribute to the care of patients with malignant genitourinary diseases and advances in uro-oncology. Currently, the EUOG members are from high-volume centers in various European countries including Austria, Belgium, Slovak Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and The Netherlands.
Members have a track record in treatment and/or research of genitourinary malignancies and are working in high-volume expert centers with an infrastructure and experience to perform clinical trials. Each EUOG center has GCP-trained staff with research nurses and datamanagers on site.

European Uro-Oncology Group Foundation Board of Directors

The EUOG Foundation Board of Directors’ governance structure currently includes four Board Members, including the EUOG’s secretary/treasurer and a chair: I.J. de Jong (secretary/treasurer, NL), W. Loidl (AU), H.A.P. van Poppel (BE) and S. Osanto (chair, NL).
The EUOG Foundation’s Board of Directors governs the work of the Foundation through its mission, strategy, budget, and key policies. The Board ensures that the resources and finances in place match the Foundation’s vision to support advancements in uro-oncological research and patient care. The Board monitors the performance of the organization.

The Foundation Board meets formally three times each year, as well as between the regular meetings as needed to conduct the Foundation’s business.

The Scientific (Advisory) Committee

The Scientific (Advisory) Committee evaluates trials and other activities and individual Committee Members may be asked to give specific advises. It is composed of investigators with a wide range of expertise.
The 2012-2016 Advisory Scientific Committee is composed of:
Jos Beijnen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
James Catto, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Adam Cohen, Leiden, The Netherlands
Freddie Hamdy, Oxford, United Kingdom
Jerome Richie, Boston, MA, United States
Jack Schalken, Nijmegen, The Netherlands,